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The Medal Test is a performance based award system, where candidates perform in front of an audience and therefore gain the necessary skills, experience and confidence required for a performance. All awards in the Medal Tests can be taken in either a solo, duet, trio, group or troupe form.

These awards are available to candidates of all ages with each Medal or Trophy having a coloured centre to show the candidate's age group. There are 13 levels for a candidate to progress through starting with the Bronze Medal all the way to a Cup.

The levels are as follows:
1 Bronze Medal
2 Silver Medal
3 Gold Medal
4 Bronze Star
5 Silver Star
6 Gold Star
7 1st Shield
8 2nd Shield
9 3rd Shield
10 1st Statuette
11 2nd Statuette
12 3rd Statuette
13 Cup

Medals, Stars and Shields
These awards can be taken in any subject, for example, Ballet, Tap, Modern, Lyrical, Acrobatic, Greek, National, Character, Song and Dance, etc.

These awards can be taken in either Cabaret or Classical. Candidates must perform 2/3 dances in different subjects. For example, for a Cabaret Statuette they can perform a Tap and a Modern, or for a Classical Statuette they could perform a Ballet and a National.

For this award candidates must present 6 individual performances of their own choice which may include any dance discipline, singing, speech and drama or modelling.

For further details please contact the BTDA by clicking <here>